Pattern Printing Cosmetic Silica Gel Puff

100% New and high quality
100% New and high quality
Multipurpose use,Ideal for your makeup works.
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100% New and high quality

100% New and high quality

Multipurpose use,Ideal for your makeup works.

Top of puffsuit for corner of the nose,mouth,eyes ect small place.

Bottom of puffsuit for face, head ect.

MaterialSilicone sponge

Sizemini size puff approx 6.5cm4cm

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Question:Are you supposed to remove the little outer layer? Can't tell if it's plastic or silicone

Answer:Nope. You just use it the way it comes

Question:Can you use this with dry (powder) makeup?

Answer:No,I havent but this product is not good at all it is damage already .

Question:Can you use both sides or is there a right and wrong side?

Answer:On an instagram video, I saw you're supposed to use the mooshy, poofy side, not the flat side. Hope this helps!

Question:What side do u put the foundation on?

Answer:Use the poofy side, not the flat side. Apply foundation dots around your face, then dab it like a beauty blender.

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