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In 21 European countries, there are 2,400 shops and powerful online stores, and Douglas is one of the leading players in Europe. In the fiscal year 2017/2018, the company created a turnover of Euro3.3 billion. About 20,000 Douglas consultants will work every day to make your customers more beautiful and happier. Douglas provides about 38,000 high-quality products from perfume, cosmetic and skin care, as well as food supplements and accessories. Douglas has excellent recommendations and unique services, one of the first addresses fixed and online.

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Crazy horse

Crazy horse show is a show of the French Dance Troupe (which was founded in 1951), and the three major Paris performing arts in which you can't see it. The mad horse club is made up of a well-proportioned, beautiful dancer and a model. They're not the extreme, so there is a show of Venus. The mad horse club is famous for the naked dance show, and it is in the same name as the famous red-grinding house, and its overall performance style releases the magnetism of the mystery/

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Euphidra is a brand owned by Italy's Zeta Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a local family-owned company that produces skin care and make-up products according to pharmaceutical standards. Starting with the legendary family figure Cesare Menegazzi, who pioneered cosmetics and business in 1850, Zeta Medicine has passed on for 164 years. Zeta's core brand, Ifeira Euphidra, covers more than 10000 stores throughout Italy, sticking to its own local brand and adhering to the business philosophy of "just living a refined life". The meaning of Euphidra Brand: water is the Source of Women's Natural refinement

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It's all about COLOR!

KleanColor provides women of all ages with a wide selection of on-trend cosmetics.

We are headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, a Los Angeles suburb with a finger on the pulse of fashion forward style.

We believe in offering quality products that everyone can afford with an emphasis on bold, playful color choices. KleanColor is committed to your individual beauty, and we encourage creative self-expression. With our diverse selection of makeup and tools, you can be sure to find the products that will complete your perfect look.

With over 17 years of experience, KleanColor has taken Klean pride in providing the Kleanest quality products at wallet friendly prices. KleanColor is not just our name, it's our promise.