Konjac Bath Sponge

Super soft sponge, gently exfoliate, give you a brilliant light. Sensitive skin is safe! High quality and larger size to ensure better cleaning and toning-smoother skin active bamboo charcoal clean pores, remove excess oil, antibacterial, help remove 100% of acne natural ingredients! From the...
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Product Details


Product Introduction



Konjac Sponge




100% natural konjac


Face Cleaning / Bath

Color Availability

white / black / green / yellow / purple / pink etc.


Clear Polybag / Printed Polybag / Color Box Or Customized


  • 100% natural konjac

  • Eco-friendly

  • Sensitive muscle applicable

  • Dry storage will not be moldy and breed bacteria without any preservatives

  • Balancing the skins PH




YiWu Anna Belle Cosmetic Accesories Co., Ltd

Product Description:

This konjac bath sponge comes with 100% natural konjac, which is perfect for face cleaning and bathing. In addition, there are lots of color options in order to meet people's need. Equipped with high performance material, our product is able to bring out the natural glow in your skin without being harsh or abrasive. It is also perfect for sensitive skin, oily and dry skin. As a matter of fact, our konjac bath sponge delivers ultra softness and comfort feeling while cleaning. There is no harm or irritation to your tender skin. If you are looking for an ideal gift for your mother, friend, girlfriend and lovers, our bath sponge will be the perfect choice. It can be also used to remove the last bits of makeup, oil, dirt, and grime after your skin’s long day facing the elements!

Product Feature:

  1. There are various kind of color options and people could have a better choice according to their need.

  2. We do promise that it is a chemical free and naturally gentle way to cleanse your face.

  3. The proper size is large enough to clean your face but small enough to carry in a pocket, small bags and wallet.

  4. The compact and lightweight design of our konjac bath sponge is a perfect item for you no matter on vocation or everyday use.





1.No preservatives. Under the dry state, konjac will not be mildewed and can be degraded after treatment.

2. Soak konjac sponge in warm water for 3-5 minutes. Its natural woven fiber can gently massage skin and stimulate facial blood circulation. It balances your skin's PH value, removes blackheads and other dirt, and leaves your skin very clean and refreshed!

3. It is best to rub with other cleansing products, grasp the water with your hands, the foam will come out, and then wash your face with a bubbling konjac sponge.






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