Composition of air cushion powder puff

- Jun 06, 2019-

The base material of air cushion powder puff is composed of three layers, namely fabric layer, sponge layer and PU layer, which are bonded by glue. After stamping and forming, the ribbon on the car, the whole air cushion powder puff is formed.

One: fabric layer, mainly has three kinds

1. NEOPORA material (transliterated by nie pula)

Made by decheng company, South Korea. At present, amore air cushion powder puff in South Korea mostly USES this kind of fabric. Its main characteristic is: do not suck pink, do not put pink, on makeup uniform and thin through. No chip, anti tear. Water does not deform, can be repeatedly cleaned. No phenol, no fluorescent agent, antibacterial, anti-mildew, easy to produce when contact with the skin surface of pneumoniae and golden bacillus has up to 99.9% inhibition effect.

2. Rubycell material.

Production is mainly domestic. Domestic production of air cushion powder puff using this fabric. Its surface is delicate, soft texture, powder clothing paste, do not drop crumbs, has a better extension. The disadvantage is that it will quickly absorb the material body, powder will be more, will store powder.

3: non-latex materials

The origin is domestic. Domestic production of low - end air cushion powder puff, the use of this fabric. The surface of fabric is relatively rough, there will be powder absorption phenomenon, after meeting water will expand, can not be cleaned.

Two: sponge layer

The sponge layer is made of polyurethane, mainly from Japan and Thailand.

Three: PU cortex mainly divided into two

1. Imported PU leather, produced by desheng company in Korea. The price is higher, the air cushion powder puff will not crack, will not change color.

2: domestic leather, also known as imitation of imported leather. The price is low and unstable. The air cushion powder puff is easy to crack and change color.

Four: ribbon is mainly divided into two kinds

1. Imported Korean ribbon: bright and beautiful.

2. Domestic ribbons: mainly yao Ming ribbons and three tops ribbons. Compared with imported ribbon, the difference is more obvious.