Detailed classification of goat hair makeup brushes

- May 24, 2019-

Detailed classification of goat hair makeup brushes

In our daily life, there are many people will often makeup, makeup when the most common makeup tool is makeup brush, makeup brush classification is also a lot, let's take a look at the detailed classification of mountain wool makeup brush.


1) The fine and straight hair of the fine light peak wool (the polar product in the wool) is fine and straight, and the fur body is thinner and more flexible than other qualities. The price is straight after the gray mouse and the squirrel. The large fine light peak is brushed on the face, and is the feeling of the ice-muscle sponge. 

2) Medium-light-peak wool (high-grade wool) is a fine light peak, and the hair peak is straight and fine, and the wool is soft and fine. The large hair brush is brushed on the face, and also has the feeling of the ice muscle. 

3) The white spike wool (high-end wool) is the middle-light peak. The hair peak is straight and fine, the wool is also very soft, just the middle light peak and the wrong feeling. 

4) Yellow spike wool: in the eyes of the expert, and the foundry factory, all belong to the high-grade wool. Many large cards, such as the MAC, the large brush of the plant show, are only the wool at this level. The hair peak is also straight, but the softness is obviously reduced. 

5) The second wool: good medium-grade wool. There is a hair peak. But the hair is not even, and there is a slight curve. The whole brush has a clear feeling of roughness, of course, the softness is still good. But the effect of the different angle brush is different. Only the hair peak can feel soft. 

6) No.10 wool: secondary, medium-grade wool. There is a hair peak, but it's very rough. If you have a MM to experience, you can buy a home-made brush, Marian's, and the large brush of her family is a lot of wool. In general, this type of wool can be used primarily for export.

7) Double-Qi wool: the most common wool. Low-grade wool. No hair. It's rough. I can't imagine that there's no hair. It's a feeling. 

8) Single-line wool: more common wool. Low-grade wool. The use function is the same as the double-Qi. The price is the same as the double. The price is no longer quivering. The above is the content of the detailed classification of the makeup brush of the mountain wool.

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