Do you buy a makeup brush or buy a set of makeup brush ?

- May 24, 2019-

Do you buy a makeup brush or buy a set of makeup brush ?

Do you buy a makeup brush or a buy-on brush for a set of makeup brush? It is necessary to buy a make-up brush for ordinary people in general for cosmetic technology. It can improve the level of the whole makeup, but you must buy a full set of things to meet your needs.


There will be two major problems with eye shadow on your hand, one is that the abdomen is prone to sweating, so that the eye shadow is easy to caking and dizzy, and the other is that as soon as the eye shadow color number is more than, you may not be able to use your finger belly, and it is also easy to rub against other places. 

Destroy the cleanliness of makeup. And for the choice of makeup brush, I believe that many people, like when I first learned to make up, face a large number of makeup brush brands and a large number of makeup brushes on the market, it is almost like Venus. 

But I just bought a good brush, when I bought it, I found that some of them were not easy to use or very chicken ribs, so I didn't touch it a few times and put it there to accumulate ash. Because the brush combination is fixed, some brushes may not be needed at all, and every brush in the brush does not guarantee that the shape design is the most perfect. 

So if you can buy a makeup brush alone, so that not only the use rate is high, but also to ensure that each sense of use, the makeup effect is the most satisfactory. 

Makeup brush to buy a set brush or alone, or that sentence, makeup brush according to their specific needs, do not need to enter the full set, if you usually do not draw eye makeup, it is also possible to save it directly.