General knowledge of makeup brushes is widespread

- Jun 06, 2019-

A good makeup brush can add color to a delicate and perfect look, but a bad brush can affect the effect of makeup. Makeup brush according to different USES can be divided into a variety of styles. So, it's not uncommon to see women carrying all kinds of small brushes in their bags.

The woman that loves beauty naturally knows to make up, they also know, only good make up brush ability to be able to make the most perfect skin model, ability can make a person move. And for makeup, one of the most important parts in addition to makeup skills, there is a makeup brush. A good makeup brush is the foundation for a good look.

From a professional point of view, makeup brush into dozens of different styles, which mainly depends on their different USES. The most basic include to repair a look brush, powder brush, blush brush, flat head foundation brush, flame head highlighter brush, flat head eyeliner brush, fan brush, bevel eyebrow brush, concealer brush, size of smudge brush, single eye shadow brush there are six different.

So much makeup is brushed, look from the name actually, still can make very good distinction. Gao guang stuckness USES when daub gao guang naturally, pink bottom is brushed, cheek is red brush same truth. But, the qualitative material of the brush affects the integral effect that make up directly, have a plenty of common plastic material to pledge, such make up brush cheap, stick pink not easily, the effect is inferior very commonly.

Good make up brush can be infected with the pink pink of right amount, in daub facial process next, appear not easily drop the phenomenon of pink, rub pink and so on. Moreover, the good quality makeup brush color is bright, the direction is clearly visible, this is also a major advantage compared with ordinary makeup brush. When not in use, it is best to wash the brushes thoroughly and store them in a specific area.

The clean job that make up brush is not simple actually, above all, the makeup after using is brushed can be infected with the residual fluid of cosmetic or the pink pink that remain, can put in clear water directly, rub with finger gently repeatedly wash, wait until make up the whole makeup that brush falls off can. You can also use a professional cleaning fluid for meticulous cleaning, compared to hand washing appears normal many, also more clean.