How does makeup brush wool distinguish

- Jun 06, 2019-

How does makeup brush wool distinguish

What's good for a makeup brush? 

Real or artificial? How to use makeup brush, so many kinds?

How do I clean a makeup brush? 

Believe that more than 60 percent of children's shoes are unable to correct and complete answers. 

Today to share the makeup brush hair quality how to distinguish.

How does makeup brush wool distinguish

Natural vs. man-made

Natural: natural hair is more suitable for daub powder, dry color makeup products, such as dry blush, eye shadow. While both dry and wet products can be used for sable hair, badger hair is an excellent choice for colour and colour control. Synthetic wool including fiber wool, nylon wool, synthetic wool without wool scales, powder grasp is weak. General foundation liquid, lip liquid, blush cream, concealer and other wet products

Synthetic wool, can give full play to the advantages of moisturizing products. The disadvantage of synthetic wool is that it is hard and has poor experience.

Artificial: artificial hair is more appropriate frost shape, liquid quality of a material, be like concealer to cream or powdery bottom liquid, because compare its natural hair, artificial hair is qualitative do not absorb liquid itself quite.

Use performance: no matter it is natural or artificial wool, under the improvement of modern technology, the artificial brush and the natural brush can also meet all kinds of texture makeup products.

Beauty rule: hard, dense bristles are more powdered than soft bristles, so they're darker.


How to identify the stand or fall of makeup brush?

1. Comb and brush the hair with your fingers. The quality of the hair falling is not good.

2. Hold the bristles with your fingers and let them fall apart. The more smooth the bristles are, the better the brush quality will be

3, to distinguish the authenticity of the bristles, you can choose to use a hair dryer, bending is synthetic hair, not deformation is animal hair, part of the curly is mixed hair. In terms of color, luster is good, but not sparkling for animal fur, shiny or different colors are generally synthetic fur