How does the lip make-up brush be colored?

- May 24, 2019-

How does the lip make-up brush be colored?

It is said that makeup is indispensable to auxiliary tools, so it is better to use lip makeup brush to color it! In this way, the lip makeup will look more natural, and the color will make it uniform and full. Do not like to outline the lip line, lip peak needs to be more careful with the lip, lip peak can not brush out the boundaries of such a lip makeup brush will reduce a lot of trouble, it is not easy to touch the cup oh! 

So, how to color lip makeup brush? Let's take a look at it next.


Step 1: many people can't learn from thin smear, in fact, with lip makeup brush to paint can be thin and uniform color, thin painting complete, remember to use lip makeup brush blurring lip line oh ~ 

step 2: to deepen, directly apply lipstick on the inside of the mouth. Fill your lips with a lip makeup brush, and the mouth grinning will make it easier to smooth. 

Step 3: the thick coating is basically completed, if you think the border is still a little not delicate enough, you can use concealment repair. Touch the concealer brush with a little concealment or foundation, the mouth is smiling, cover the extra parts of the corner of the mouth. 

Step 4: such a lip makeup is completed. If you don't have a lip makeup brush in your hand, you can replace it with your fingers, but not as meticulous as your lip makeup brush.

 Warm tip: lipstick, lip gloss. Use lip makeup brush smear lip color uniform, lip shape is also better grasp. When applying lip gloss with lip makeup brush, don't make too much effort, don't let the brush bend too much, so as not to fall off and break.

 To sum up, the use of lip makeup brush effect is more prominent!