How long does face brush need to use best?

- Jun 06, 2019-

How long does Face Brush need to use best?

How often to make a face brush is best:

The thickness of the bristle that wash a face brush also decides how long to use, will divide by degree of thickness: white cent is brushed commonly bristle, the bristle that wash a face is brushed is coarser, still have bamboo charcoal fiber to brush bristle. 

We all know that the thicker the brush, the greater the role of the cuticle, so generally once a week is enough; General white is common brush bristle, won't cause damage to the skin, but not quite fine defect can be the job that washes a face to brush only also is to accomplish the surface commonly a week to use 2 times can; 

Really deep cleaning is bamboo charcoal fiber face brush because bamboo charcoal fiber bristle is thinner, can go deep into the skin to clean, the fiber is thinner and softer, will not damage the skin, bamboo charcoal adsorption ability can also lead to skin instant restoration of cleaning, 

so bamboo charcoal face brush 1-3 days to use once can do a good job of cleaning.