how to clean the make-up brush to get rid of the hair ?

- May 24, 2019-

how to clean the make-up brush to get rid of the hair ?

A good makeup brush is very expensive. If you take good care of it, it will be fine for ten years. Good quality brushes do not lose hair, but if your brush quality is good, hair loss situation is serious, it may be improper maintenance. Let's take a look at how the makeup brush can't wash off the hair.


1. Made of animal hair, it is best to use a cleaning solution specially prepared for this kind of brush. Generally speaking, famous brand makeup brand stores are available for sale. It can also be replaced with baby shampoo, but it can be used only after it has been diluted with water. 

2. If the brush is artificial wool (nylon), dilute the shampoo and wash it. 

3. When washing brushes, try not to let water sprinkle over the junction of brush head and brush handle. If this part is often immersed in water, the glue inside will bubble loose and the brush head may fall off the brush handle. 

4. When washing, use warm water to wash along the current. When you rush, you can gently pluck the brush with your fingers.

 5. After washing, tidy up the bristles by hand, then spread a tissue on the table, and then put the brush flat on top to dry. 6. When the brush is all dry, you can insert it back into the brush tube to avoid the deformation of the brush.