How to distinguish the quality of makeup brush?

- May 24, 2019-

How to distinguish the quality of makeup brush?

What is the makeup brush? Real hair, man-made? What's the use of a makeup brush, so many kinds? How does the makeup brush wash? More than 60 per cent of the people are believed to be in a correct and complete solution. 

Let's share how the makeup brush is resolved today.


natural VS man-made Natural: 

The natural wool is more suitable for the application of powder and dry color makeup, such as dry blush and eye shadow. The black and dry hair and dry product can be used, while the hair is the color of the color, and the control color is not the best choice. 

The synthetic hair :

comprises fiber wool and nylon wool, and the synthetic wool has no wool scale, and the powder grabbing force is weak. It is generally a wet product such as foundation liquid, lip liquid, blush paste, and concealer. The synthetic wool can give full play to the advantage of the water-run product. The disadvantages of the synthetic hair are relatively hard and poor in experience.

 Man-made: The artificial hair is more appropriate in the form of a cream, a liquid texture, such as a shade or a foundation, because of its natural hair, the artificial hair does not absorb the liquid itself. In modern technology, the artificial brush and the natural brush can also meet the color makeup of various textures, whether natural or artificial. 

Beauty: The hard and dense bristles are softer than the soft bristles, and the powder is more colored, so the coloring is deeper.

How to distinguish the quality of makeup brush?

1, comb the brush with your fingers, and the quality of hair loss is not good. 

2, clip the brush with your fingers, let the brush spread out, if the Radian of the brush is slippery, the better the quality of the brush, 

3, when distinguishing the authenticity of the brush, you can choose to blow with the hairdryer, bend is synthetic hair, do not deform is animal hair, Some of the curls are mixed hair. In terms of color, luster is better, but not sparkling for animal hair, sparkling or color is usually synthetic hair.