How to make cosmetic brush?

- Jun 06, 2019-

How to make cosmetic brush ?

Normally, make up the sort of brush to have a lot of, and use each different, for example, market common superbly whitewash, pink bottom is brushed, eyeliner is brushed, repair look to brush with reachs cheek red brush to wait. In order to avoid contamination of the bristles, and to avoid painting the color on the bristles on other objects, the bristles of these makeup brushes are generally contained in the brush shell, and then made to slide out from the brush shell when needed. 


Here's how to make makeup brushes.

How to make cosmetic brush

1. The new makeup brush includes a brush handle and a brush head, as well as a fixed part of the brush head, a fixed part of the brush handle and an ornament with beautiful decorative function;

2. The fixed parts of the brush head are of cover structure, and the fixed parts of the brush head have internal threads. The brush head is arranged on the fixed parts of the brush head through the gluing process;

3. A card slot is arranged on the outer surface of the fixed part of the brush handle, and the card of decorations is arranged into the card slot;

4. The fixed part of the brush head is connected with one end of the brush handle with thread, and the fixed part of the brush handle is detachably connected with the other end of the brush handle;

5. The preferred decoration is diamond, diamond, crystal or natural jade;

6. The preferred brush handle is plastic brush handle; The fixed parts of brush head are fixed parts of plastic brush head; The fixed part of brush handle is a fixed part of plastic brush handle;

7. The optimized fixed parts of brush handle and brush handle are threaded or inserted;

8. Preferably, the brush handle is a cylinder with smooth surface.

The brush body of makeup brush is in not use condition, be contained in brush case, can avoid bristle to be squeezed deformation or pollution. The slider structure can further close the opening on the brush shell, and better protect the bristles from pollution. In addition, sliders and brush body linkage, operation is very convenient.