How to make exquisite eye makeup with 3 makeup brushes

- May 24, 2019-

How to make exquisite eye makeup with 3 makeup brushes ? 

How to use 3 makeup brushes to make exquisite eye makeup? 

In fact, to complete a basic eye makeup, only need three brushes:

medium eye shadow brush, 

small eye shadow brush, 

eyeliner brush


Medium number eye shadow make-up brush 

The middle number of the eye shadow brush is used to base the eye shadow, and the eye shadow, light color and the color of the earth are suitable for the upper eyelid. 

Small eye shadow make-up brush 

The small eye brush is used to precisely control the color area, the width of the small eye brush, approximately half of the middle brush, Fit for the second eye 

Eye-line make-up brush

The eye-line brush is used to outline the fine and smooth eye line, the eye line brush is along the base of the eyelashes, and the area of 1 mm above, the line is painted with fine and smooth appearance according to the eye type. 

Shape selection conical brush head of medium number eye shadow brush the tapered brush head has a layered feeling, 

the contact area of the eye shadow and the eye is increased, the air-sickness power is strong, the transition is natural, Ideal for eye base head selection tongue-shaped brush head for small-size eye shadow brush 

the eye shadow brush used for coloring selects the small-sized tongue-shaped brush head,

 the tongue-shaped brush head is good in grabbing component force and good color development time, the bristles of the tongue-shaped brush head are relatively short and densely arranged, and the area of the eyes is small, The tongue-shaped brush head is required to be accurately positioned and colored. 

head selection bevel head of eye-line brush The brush head of the eye line is relatively hard, the control is convenient, the line can be drawn smoothly, the thicker outer eye line can be processed, the eye tail is processed, the eye line is brushed with an eye line, the eye line is not very sharp, Using the eye line to brush the eye line with the eye-line not only deepens the eye contour, but also is very natural. 

The above is about how to make a makeup brush with a 3-way makeup brush. Please pay attention to our official website for more information.