how to Place the Makeup brush ?

- May 31, 2019-

How to Place the Makeup brush ?

Type restoring ancient ways - jar

Not only cute easy, use is very wide also, jar jar is one of the most popular and most readily available makeup brush to receive. Finish eat jam jars, is based on honey jar jar jar, brush to be used as green and beautiful. You can also give them sprayed color to create a sense of luxury, or adorned with black mark pen to write letters, whatever you creative DIY.

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Literature and art, mark cup

Edit side there are a lot of friends are glass control, see beautiful cups will come back to buy collections. If you also is such, it might as well use idle mugs to adorn your dresser. For talent beauty makeup, makeup brush is just as important as the painter's brush, customize a exclusive ceramic cups to receive your brush too much.


Fashion type clean, minimalist yakeli receive a case

If brevity is your style, choose a simple transparent tank fit you most in tomato sauce. In Japanese brand MUJI, one of the most popular acrylic receive a case is used in beauty makeup design this minimalist in miniature. The translucent acrylic receive a case can let you see clear like glass jar brushes, lightweight design

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The content of the above is makeup brush how to receive, please pay attention to our website for more information.