Is it necessary to wet the foundation brush?

- May 21, 2019-

Is it necessary to wet the foundation brush?

Do not wet the foundation brush! 

Many people mistakenly think that the foundation brush before use to wet and then put on makeup more moisturizing, in fact, this approach is wrong oh! Many brands of foundation brush can not touch water, wet foundation brush makeup effect is not good. 

So if you think dry, you can directly add a little emulsion in the foundation liquid stir well, so that it is not that dry.


STEP 1 : 

 in the correct use of foundation brush: after basic skin care, apply makeup before milk. Squeeze the foundation liquid on the back of your hand. If you are afraid of drying, add a little lotion and stir well.

STEP 2 :

 dip the foundation liquid with brush and dip it evenly. Then brush your face directly.

the direction is from the inside to the outside, the strength is light from the inside and outside, carefully brush the whole face, pay attention to the control of the strength, or be careful to leave powder marks oh!

STEP 3: 

when brushing, pay attention to the corners of the mouth, now nose wings these details, gently brush the foundation with a brush. Finally, use a brush on a thin layer of powder! 

Makeup Tips. 

  1. Foundation brush can be used not only to brush foundation liquid, general BB cream, foundation cream, powder strip, small size foundation brush can also be used as concealment brush.

2. The only time the foundation brush needs to be stained with water is cleaning. After cleaning, you must quickly absorb the water above and put it in the shade to dry naturally! 

3. After painting the foundation with a brush, be sure to use loose powder to fix makeup to prevent makeup removal.