How to use makeup brush to change white and clean beautiful makeup?

- Jun 06, 2019-

1, on the back of the hand about 1cm in diameter about the liquid foundation. Since you don't need to apply your face very clearly, a little foundation is enough. With the finger of two hands point to the abdomen to touch the liquid of the pink bottom on the back of the hand, after mutual friction is even, press the place of cheek, forehead, chin with the means that presses.

2. Rub the rest of the foundation liquid on the back of the hand into the center of the palm and press it to other places without foundation liquid on the face with the warm heat of the palm. Can make full use of powdery bottom fluid not to waste already so can make bottom makeup frivolous appear again.

3. Next, apply concealer. Facial acne marks, pores and small scars can all be covered with concealer. Apply a small amount of concealer with your finger and place it where it needs to be.

4, choose liquid blush on the foundation of bottom makeup, draw on the back of the hand, dip the blush point on the back of the hand with the finger to the cheeks on both sides of the nose under the eyes, and then use the finger dizzy dye open.

5, choose a larger powder puff fully covered with makeup powder cake. Big powder puff is relatively soft, easy to use and use sense is better, but also can freely control the amount.

6. Take a large powder puff and mix it with the powder puff that is full of fixed makeup powder cake, so that the other big powder puff can be evenly dipped into the fixed makeup powder cake.

7. Press two large powder puff evenly on cheeks, t-bar, chin and other areas prone to oil production. Powder puff on the set makeup powder cake can blend makeup look more natural, makeup is not easy to spend.