Maintenance of makeup brush

- May 17, 2019-

Makeup brushes are usually expensive, so pay attention to the way to maintain them.

Usually after each use, be sure to use towels along the direction of brushing gently wipe brush tools, remove residual color and makeup powder.

Soak and wash in diluted shampoo every two weeks and rinse with cold water.

After tidying and brushing, put it flat so that it is naturally dry.

The simple 7-step clean-up brush is like our hair and needs good care to keep the soft and bright.

Clean brush can wear clean makeup, dirty brushes can not only not wear beautiful makeup, but also make makeup greatly reduced oh!

Because of the different use and material of different brushes, the frequency of cleaning is also different. Here is one of the simplest discriminant methods: the higher the oil content, the more frequent the cleaning will be.

Because grease residues are easy to attach dirty and grow bacteria, make brushes look dirty and harmful to skin health, so you should be more diligent in cleaning.

The correct cleaning step STEP1: with makeup removal water or brush cleaning solution into the honey powder cover, about a thin layer of completely covered quantity, so that the brush hair adsorption, slightly dissolve the attached color makeup.

STEP2: blisters the natural shampoo in the basin, and then mixes the bristles fully around the bubble water.

STEP3: holds the bristles in the palm of his hand, scratching and putting them over and over again, so that the residual dirt and makeup in the bristles are completely cleaned out.

STEP4: at the end of the brush, but also the most frequently exposed to makeup, once again carefully clean.

STEP5: finally cleans the brush with a large amount of water and completely cleans the residual detergent in the brush with a clean basin.

If the STEP6: brush becomes too astringent because of the use of detergent, use a small amount of conditioner, slightly straighten out the hair tail, and also clean with a large amount of water.

STEP7: takes several paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, covers the brush and presses it several times, so that the moisture can be dried as much as possible and put it flat in the ventilation.

TIPS: maintenance method brush: most of them need to occupy the color of the brush, usually used every time, just use face paper to brush back and forth on it, brush to no longer appear color can.

Lip brush: lip brush does not need to be cleaned from time to time, otherwise it will make the brush lose elasticity, after each use, wipe the residual lip paste directly on the face paper.