Makeup brush, Did you pick them right ?

- May 31, 2019-

Brush has from the hand of the professional stylist, go to love a woman. According to colour makeup division, mink is the highest grade in the bristles, texture is soft and moderate. Goats is the most common animal wool raw material, the quality of a material soft after use, then make up brush, you picked the right?

Material choice: material generally divided into synthetic and animal hair, animal hair and there are a lot of classes, small common wool, horse hair, squirrel wool, yellow Wolf tail hair, makeup new Suggestions to choose fiber, thought fiber hair better do, low to individual requirement, animal words with MAO is difficult, and the price is a little high, bad cleaning is easy to blow hair, brush is recommended if animals into only a few low-cost eye brush.


The design of the design of the brush, brush also points a lot of kinds, common have flame, round head, flat head, bevel type, tongue, flat top, the choice of models suggest that we choose the common type, such as round head of powder paint, powder brush selected flat, eyebrow brush selected Angle, highlights of the flame, makeup refresh hand try not to choose a few rare brush, high requirement to the technique, little as a few to study, after learning to brush more again.

Choose four piece makeup brush:

Look: direct visual brush smooth degree, if even the naked eye can see that the brush is not smooth, don't consider.

Smell: gently smell the flavor of the brush, brush with good there will be no paint, glue and other peculiar smell, even animal fur, and it's just light leather.

Ask : will you need to say to colour makeup division, brush with a beginner, you are just contact or cosmetics handy veteran, you need to create makeup and has the quality of a material of colour makeup is tasted, etc., all these affected the makeup brush with a choice.

Care: brush in hand back back and back and forth several times, no brush off is the top grade; Press the brush head, testing the brush softness, see if neat, shown the shape of the brush.

Above is the makeup brush, did you choose to share, if you want to know more information, please pay attention to this site.