Makeup brush maintenance matters needing attention

- May 31, 2019-

Every gril want a perfect makeup look, you have to learn to make up brush cleaning and maintenance, learn to stay at home can easily learn to wash makeup brush. The following look at makeup brush maintenance matters needing attention.

Makeup brush maintenance matters needing attention

1, made of animal hair, it is best to use for this kind of brush cleaning fluid preparation. Generally are sold famous cosmetic brand shop. Also can use baby shampoo replacement, but will be available after add water dilute.

2, if the brush is artificial wool (nylon), can be diluted shampoo washed.

3, washing, try not to let water spray, brush brush head and handle. If often make it part of flooding, the inside of the glue will loose, brush a head may be falling from the brush on the handle.

4, flushing, want to use warm water, flush with the current. , available fingers gently brush.

5, When it finished ,after the hand brush Mao Yong tidy up, then took a piece of paper towel spread on the table, then brush in flat to dry.

6, such as the brush all dry, can only put back to the brush in the cylinder, so as to avoid deformation of the bristles.

Above is makeup brush to maintain the content of the matters needing attention, don't know to use, and clean. Makeup brush for a long time not to clean it is easy to breed bacteria, the final beauty makeup, the face, then regret too late! The main points of the above everyone get here? This weekend is to help to take a bath brush with family!