Pay attention to the blush brush you use on your cheeks

- Jun 06, 2019-

Apply blush to make your entire face soft and natural, but also to accentuate your cheekbones. Then use the same colour gills

Red light sweep temple area, can make facial color appears shade harmony. The cheek is half to ear direction dozen cheek red, show natural generous; Sweep a circle with cheek for radius blush, show lovely and moving.

Simple steps

Many people feel that they can not learn how to make up, feel very troublesome, the following tutorial demonstration line can solve these problems.

1, the first need to do a good job of foundation, cleansing then toner and lotion, and then apply isolation or foundation, of course, if there is a role of isolation foundation will save time for our makeup.

2, usually if it is work or school, do not need to wear a lot of makeup. To create the eyeliner position, if it is an inner double eyelid, the inner eyeliner is deepened, and then add thick eyeliner at the end of the eye.

3. Apply a pair of false eyelashes to match the shape of your eyes. Be patient when touching the hair.

4. Then apply light coffee shadow to the entire eye socket, and deep coffee shadow to the end of the eye, which can play the role of big eyes.

5. Finally, apply a pink blush to the apple muscle for a refreshing look throughout the day. Women can be a little more, men should be less.