Some Tips about Cleaning Brush

- Jun 14, 2019-

Today to everyone popular science "makeup brush cleaning strategy", novice must see!

Did you do the right thing to wash your makeup brush? Many people say skin care is the second face. For the person that often makes up, the clean that makes up brush actually also is equivalent to second face.

The best cleaning frequency of makeup brushes is: twice a week, and the makeup brushes used on the day should be cleaned. Of course, if we don't have time, at least once a week is a must! Don't be lazy. Why?

Makeup brushes in addition to bacteria, many of our expensive makeup brushes are made of animal hair, a long time without washing will lead to discoloration and deterioration of makeup brush hair, unable to better grasp the powder class for our makeup. Especially powdery bottom is brushed, concealer is brushed this kind, do not wash for a long time but can agglomerate! In addition to bad makeup, appearance level is lower, the most important! Cosmetic brush bacteria breeding will cause us and prone to acne, many fairy often said skin care products stuffy acne! Perhaps is the makeup brush not clean or clean not clean caused?

Today and everyone together to learn brush cleaning and maintenance!

Cleaning tool: brush pad

This brush pad has different lines on it, so the brush will be clean on scan

After each use of the makeup brush, gently wipe down the brush side on the paper towel or towel to remove the residual makeup.

Add the neutral lotion and detergent to the warm water, and gently circle along one direction, not too hard, and clean along the direction of the bristles, do not wipe back and forth when rinsing remember to brush head down!

After the dirt falls out, wash it off with water and wipe off the remaining moisture.

Check whether the brush is clean: peel off the surface of the brush to see if the inside is clean, and then on the brush pad friction, if it can produce a large number of white delicate foam, that is clean

After maintaining the brush, dry it in a well-ventilated area without direct sunlight. Remember not to use a hair dryer, etc., which may damage the bristles.

To dry: to air a drying rack

Brush drying rack: essential! Very practical, we must remember that the makeup brush should be like the shape of a cool brush to dry, this is why? If you put it flat or upside down, the water will flow backwards. After a long time, the part of the link between the tip of the pen and maomao may break, because most of the brush is fixed by wood or glue, which is very afraid of water immersion.

The last and most important step

Wash dry with brush protective cover plastic, this will prevent the explosion of wool oh ~