The classification of the facial makeup brush

- May 31, 2019-

The classification of the facial makeup brush

Speaking of make-up, facial makeup to modify more, so there will be a lot of classification, in this paper, the classification of look at facial makeup brush.

The classification of the facial makeup brush

Foundation brush currently on the market is divided into three types of flat, round head, flat foundation brush.

Bevel flat foundation brush, brush more closely, can decorate the pores, oblique head can good nose, eye, such as location, give attention to two or morethings is suitable for the foundation quality of a material is thicker.

Round head foundation brush, brush head is bigger, at the same time very quickly and easily, also is suitable for the foundation, quality of a material is thicker but ignore their edges, makeup delicate enough.

Flat head shape flat brush, brush powdery bottom is very thin, can guarantee the makeup of the thin and uniform, but feel more prone to brush marks, and the foundation brush fit in with the quality of a material is a thin fluid foundation.

Powder paint besmear after foundation is necessarily to calm makeup, then dip in with powder paint on powder (best on each brush can stick to a powder, finished with powder don't rush to my face, and gently shake twice, shaking off excess flour), then brush in put on pink face, it will than softer, more natural, with a puff and think with cosmetic brush on powder dosage is really very province.

Powder paint used animal wool brush, soft docile of the brush head can let loose powder more joint skin, also can more sustainable natural makeup look.

Grooming brush brush head are generally bevel arc, convenient fit facial curve, the bristles thick, soft. Take brush will generally choose model a larger capacity, sufficient quantity, texture soft brush, the brush can save time, make-up and distribution of natural color, there will not be very clear off color.

Concealer brush concealer brush bristles are generally short, hard texture, use a small amount of time on multiple is ok, but the blain and spot such details, block defect after don't deliberately to cover completely dizzy, affects the effect of block defect. There are a lot of concealer is bringing little brush, dip in proper amount to blain to imprint, black rim of the eye, such as need to block defect, than hand wipe it can be more accurate and detailed block defect.

Above is for the classification of the facial makeup brush selection in detail, and the types of brush, have problem can contact our website customer service consulting.