The common Mistake in cleaning brush

- May 31, 2019-

The common Mistake in cleaning brush

As the makeup capability is becoming more and more progress, many people began to use brush with egg or beauty makeup tools such as make makeup look more sophisticated. But after picture perfect beauty makeup, brush with what should be clean? After all, the haphazard wash together and see below cleaning makeup brush.

Erroneous zone 1: : wash should vigorously rub, torsion brush, brush to wash clean

Brush with bristles are actually very fragile, so should as far as possible when the cleaning is light and soft, just like we treat our baby when necessary can match some tools to help, not only can protect the wipers to still can wash cleaner!

Erroneous zone 2: soak brush with a cleaning fluid, the longer the more clean

Usually soak time about 1 minutes, after so long as will brush clean, try to brush back and forth on the toilet paper and no residual cosmetics products.

Erroneous zone 3: wash with water must be 360 degrees to the water, brush to clean

Cleaning brush with water only can flush down hair streams direction, and junction of brush pen is also try not to touch water, avoid glue joint falls off, brush with hair removal or damage phenomenon, if immersed in pens are easy to cause the mold!

Erroneous zone 4: brush should be in the sun to dry after washing, sterilizing

Basically brush after cleaning to use toilet paper or clean towel blot excess water, then you can hang in the brush rack order, or flat way can also, never use upside-down way, a chance for water to flow into the pencil.

Erroneous zone 5: brush for a few days not stem, speed up the drying with blower?

Dry scrubbers is only suitable for indoor natural shade, use hair dryer, hot air drying may damage the bristles to increase the speed of brush with broken and opportunity!

Above is the content of the myth about cleaning brushes, If you want to check more information ,please  pay more attention to our official website.

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