The use of different kinds of cosmetic brush

- May 31, 2019-

The use of different kinds of cosmetic brush

Anna belle introduction and use of cosmetic brush

1,  qualitative classification of cosmetic brush

Generally, makeup brush hair points two natural wool and artificial wool.

Natural hair with complete hair scales, so qualitative softer, stop, force is strong, can make makeup look more break, and will not stimulate the skin. Common natural hair respectively the sable hair or yellow Wolf hair (acura), squirrel hair (quality), horse hair, or goat hair.

Artificial wool coats a hard, suitable for thick cream colour makeup, but the price will be relatively cheap many, artificial wool more is used in the foundation brush. Nylon is the most hard, much as a eyelash brush, eyebrow brush, etc.

2, How  to use Makeup Brush

Cheek is red brush. Make a face stereo effect, repeated small shading is stereo feeling.

Small cheek is red brush. Make a face stereo effect

Eye shadow brush. Local hair, use soft can create natural administrative levels.

Lip brush. Flexible adjustment of lip partial shade, painted exquisite lip corner edge.

Eyebrow brush. A bright eyebrow bone, create fashion stereo camber

Eye shadow brush. Dizzy catch small eye shadow or draw the outline of eye head, eye end

Beautiful eyelash brush. Eyebrow brush can modify not over the United States eyebrow shape, eyelash comb can make stick together eyebrows spikes.

Above is the introduction and use of content of sunflower makeup brush, stay tuned for more information sunflower brand's official website.