Type of Cosmetic brush

- May 17, 2019-

There are many kinds of makeup brushes.

Cope with daily makeup, can be combined according to personal makeup habits.

But there are six basic configurations necessary for the brush: the nectar, the concealer, the blush brush, the eye shadow brush, the eyebrow brush, and the lip brush.

Honey powder brush: the powder makeup swept out has a silk texture, and the makeup is cleaner and lasting.

Concealment brush: fine brush head can brush difficult to touch the part, concealment effect is more uniform and natural.

Blush brush: brush out the natural Radian blush, dizzy shadow, perfectly highlight the facial outline.

Eye Shadow Brush:A wide variety. 

Eye shadow brushes of different sizes need to be prepared to match different eye sketches.

Eyebrow brush: with eyebrow powder, can draw quite natural eyebrow shape.

It is easier to control strength and intensity than eyebrow pen.

Lip brush: accurately outline the lip shape, so that the lips full and uniform color, more lasting.

Foundation brush: used to smear foundation liquid, the requirements of brush and foundation liquid are relatively high.

Facial outline brush: characteristic is that the brush head is 45 °, the size is similar to the blush brush, the brush hair is thicker.