Use of makeup brushes

- May 17, 2019-

Professional brushes pay attention to the division of labor, so thrush has eyebrow brush, draw eye shadow may have eye shadow, eyeliner, eye fold brush, as well as lip brush, honey powder brush and so on, the era of large, medium and small brushes walking around the world has passed.

But after so many tools, is it possible to completely replace the traditional make-up tool?

Puff, makeup cotton is not abandoned?

The answer is no.

Take the most important step in the color make-up "as an example, the powder puff is still the best tool for even the bottom of the powder, but after the honey powder is finished, the extra paint on the face is painted with the big honey, the whole makeup will be more natural, so the brush and other tools used in the past are used, It should be a good helper, rather than replacing the old habits with new ones.

With the passage of time and the changes of the times, many brushes have new interpretations of their functions. Take foundation painting as an example. In the past, the traditional foundation brushes were all flat in shape, more considerate in contact with the skin, and adopted lateral methods. That is, brushing side contact face, now, with the continuous progress of makeup technology, makeup products continue to update, brush styles and functions have also been updated, now foundation, is mainly adopted is also the most popular is flat head brush. Can not only powder foundation, but also can hit paste foundation, the technique is no longer the use of brush side, but the use of brush head flat push technique, the use of flat brush head part, Mao Feng soft and delicate, the foundation of natural symmetry. This is the hottest one now.

Of course, businesses have been promoting new, the new flat head oblique foundation brush, also in the production, will be more powerful.