Which people are suitable for polyurethane powder puff?

- Jun 06, 2019-

Air puff is about 99% of the polyurethane material, the characteristics of air cushion cream is moist, so with polyurethane powder puff is a perfect match.

Polyurethane material water absorption is strong, so can deduce a thick, moist skin feeling. It absorbs the right amount of air cushion cream to create a firm, fine skin. The hydrophilic nature can transfer the moisture from the air cushion cream to the skin. 

Not only does it not irritate the skin, but it makes it look very smooth. Small make up before to the baby introduced the method of cleaning (with cleansing milk after natural air drying), because use for a long time will be sticky, not easy to clean, so if the baby feel cleaning up trouble, discount more stock point goods is a good choice .

Dry skin painting foundation makeup is more suitable for this kind of powder puff, made of synthetic resin foam polyurethane powder puff is usually used after playing wet, this can deduce the water smooth muscle, so it is usually used to paint liquid products. Of course, if you don't like the water-light muscle, the baby can also not wet, directly use. Because it doesn't absorb too many products, it doesn't cause waste, and the powder puff will become soft after absorbing the product, 

so it won't cause irritation to the skin. Radian design is convenient for applying wide parts such as forehead and cheeks, which can be very thin and even, making the makeup more suitable for skin and the effect of covering pores is quite good. The pointy part is more convenient for applying canthus and nose wing parts, so the makeup drawn out will look very delicate. 

But because play wet hind to use normally, powdery puff surface can absorb a lot of dirty thing, need to often clean!