Disposable Eyeshadow Brushes

Disposable Eyeshadow Brushes
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Product Description:

These disposable eyeshadow brushes made from quality snythetic with high performance, which is soft and no shedding. Compared with wood handle, our plastic handle is lighter and reliable, which is fantastic to carry. Due to the small size and light weight, it is easy to manage and store and people don't have to wash brush every time, which is definitely more hygienic. 

As a matter of fact, our disposable eyeshadow brushes can be widely used for  business trips, holidays, wedding, everyday usage and performance. And there is no doubt that it is the perfect choice for professional makeup artist and any ladies that makeup regularly. 

Product Feature:

  1. These disposable eyeshadow brushes are also available for eyelash, eye makeup solvent, liquid eyeliner, lipstick.

  2. It is a perfect makeup item for daily use, which is also a must-have for the makeup professional.

  3. We adopt advanced material, which is soft without scratchy and gliding evenly.

  4. Our product will be tidily packaged in a box and it is clean for storage and convenient for take.


Products for beginners eyeshadow brush, also known as disposable eyeshadow brush, by artificial fiber and plastic handle composition;Bristles 1cm long, 14cm in length;The weight is about 10g;This brush can be used as both an eye shadow brush and a brow brush.Each bristle is to pass clip, finalize the design wait for working procedure, make bristle feels smooth and smooth, comfortable and comfortable.When using, can disperse the color of eye shadow naturally, make color even.The aluminum tube with thickening design is compact in structure and can prevent artificial hair from falling off. It is strong and durable.Brush rod elegant and generous, firm firm, waterproof and not easily deformed;Suitable for all skin applications.

Hair material:




Handle material:


Sample time:

1-3 day

Ltems per set:


Place of origin:






Brand name:

Anna Belle

Brush the chief:





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