3 In 1 Makeup Brush

- Jun 28, 2019-

3 In 1 Makeup Brush, a brush to play the role of three brushes;It can play the role of high-gloss brush, nasal shadow brush, shadow brush, it is soft brush, so it is not easy to harm the eyes, brush brush type is relatively small, brush elasticity is better, powder grasp is good, used to do nasal shadow brush is also a good choice.

Nowadays, along with the advance of colour makeup technology, make-up products constantly updated, make up brush style and function also upgrade, originally each makeup brush has its own function and characteristic, now, more and more people to save their own time, thus using the multi-function 3 In 1 Makeup Brush, brush a multi-purpose also only need to wash after using the one brush instead of 3 pcs makeup brush, thus more save time.

The 3 In 1 Makeup Brush is the same as the eyeliner brush. It is made of fiber wool, which is easier to clean and has sharp or beveled edges.It's easier to draw the flying or popping effect at the end of the eyeliner.Mainly used for a wide range of eye shadow, main color shadow.The technique is dot printing and light scanning.Repair volume brush, the bristle is longer, the brush head is arc, is generally used to highlight.The highlights are in the t-zone, the browbone to cheekbone, the chin.This brush is easy to get at.Cosmetic brush small style, mainly used for nasal shadow.Like between the eyebrows and the eyes, it makes good use of the bevel Angle, can have a good transition sense.