A Must-have Makeup Brush Recommended.

- Oct 26, 2019-

From top to bottom are:

Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes have many uses, but large oval brushes have been listed as one of the must-have tools for many people. As the perfect tool for liquid or creamy foundations, it not only prevents the product from being over-absorbed when applied, but also prevents the product from remaining in fine lines. Another reason why the tool is so popular is that its double-layer fiber brush head can make a softer powder layer. The round brush head gives the product a polished finish on the skin.

Concealer brush

The medium-sized elliptical brush has multiple choices, such as black mane or mane. This brush is used to apply a creamy product to areas where it needs to be covered, such as spots, acne marks, or under the eyes. Many make-up artists give up this tool after using a harder concealer brush, but this is a great base brush for your cosmetic case because it can help you create a lot of detail. Moreover, its shape is also very versatile.

Powder brush

A soft, round makeup brush is usually used for powdered products. The price difference of this type of makeup brush is very large, not only related to the texture of the brush hair or fiber, but also related to whether it is handmade. If you are not a fan of a large loose powder brush, you can choose a slightly smaller powder brush for easier handling. However, this classic loose powder brush is also an important tool in most make-up kits. Dip the brush on the powder, remove excess powder in the air, then gently brush the entire face, gently press, and then take the excess powder away from the face in a circular motion.

From top to bottom are:

Blush brush

This makeup brush is usually a soft, medium-sized round brush or flat brush. The long, soft bristles allow you to apply powdered products without sacrificing the finished makeup. This is the perfect tool for blushing, contouring and other large powdered products that need to be precision-built.

Eye shadow brush

The shape, size and quality of the eye shadow brush are countless. A large part of the eye shadow brush is mainly used for eye shadow, but in a basic makeup tool, three eye shadow brushes are enough to meet the needs of various eye shadows. A flat brush with a slightly harder, natural soft hair is the best choice for eye shadow coloring because it gives the color a good look on the skin; a small fluffy soft eye shadow brush is the best choice for the eyelid area. Because it can help you create the strength you want; finally, a soft circular shadow brush can help you get rid of the sharp edges and gentle smudges in the wrinkles. You will find that there are endless possibilities for eye shadow brushes. You will purchase more shadow brushes for your cosmetic case as you change your makeup preferences. However, in the initial stage, these three eye shadow brushes are the best choice. .

Corner brush

This versatile artificial or natural makeup brush is the perfect choice for upper eyeliner and eyebrows. This size and shape allows you to create a natural feel in the eyebrows or to lift the product to the eyeliner as easily as a pencil. When setting up your cosmetic case, you need to buy a slightly harder brush for the eyebrows and a soft brush for the eyeliner. Of course, these two brushes can also exchange roles according to your needs. When used as an eyeliner brush, place the brush on the inner corner of the eye and press the lash line, then follow the lash line until you draw the perfect eyeliner. When using it as an eyebrow brush, add some eyebrow powder or eyebrow cream to the area where the eyebrows are scarce, and then slowly draw the shape of the eyebrows in the direction in which your eyebrows naturally grow.

From top to bottom are:

Lip brush

A small, flat, rounded or oval makeup brush makes it easier to create a lip makeup. Apply the brush to the lip gloss and then, from the middle of the lip, slowly extend to the edge. Use the tip of the brush to draw a short, precise lip line that blends the lip line with the lip gloss. Finally, if you want a deeper effect, just apply a little lip gloss.

Liquid eyeliner brush

A sharp makeup brush can make the makeup more precise, and it is also the best tool for liquid or cream eyeliner products or any other product you think you can use. When drawing the eyeliner, just draw the eyeliner brush from the inner corner of the eye.

Eyebrow comb or round shaft brush

Used to separate eyelashes or brush eyebrows, this makeup brush is one of the best tools for finishing makeup.

Other makeup brushes

As your makeup techniques become more and more sophisticated, the makeup brush team will become bigger and bigger, and you will gradually discover which makeup brushes are essential for you.

Maintenance of makeup brushes

Once you have purchased a makeup brush, you have to learn to maintain your investment. This is achieved by washing, disinfecting, reshaping and proper drying. You can clean your entire set of brushes and disinfect them with a quick dry cleaner special for makeup brushes. You can also perform a deep cleaning at intervals, which requires a more intense makeup brush cleaner. We also recommend using a gentle shampoo to clean the makeup brushes in warm water, then reshape the shapes themselves and place them in a flat place until they are naturally dry.