Angular Blush

- Jul 10, 2019-

Blush brush is also an indispensable facial brush!Because everyone's face shape is not the same, natural beauty, perfect face girls are not much, a lot of beautiful girls are relying on makeup skills to make up for face shape defects.

Square face needs circle type blush, round face needs inclined brush blush, long face needs Angular Blush, oval face needs fan-shaped blush, different shape of blush, different makeup techniques, you need different brush.With a weighing brush, the ideal effect of makeup can be achieved.

The Angular Blush, in a trapezoidal shape, creates a distinct area and works well on the chin, the bridge of the nose, or the outer corners of the eyes.

A Angular Blush is usually 1-2 sizes smaller than a scatter brush, with a smooth bevel cut at the top. It's better for sweeping straight lines than a conical brush, so if you prefer a bevel, long type of blush, this Angular Blush will work better.

Brush selection, novice girl as far as possible to choose wool soft and smooth grasp powder strength is weak, so brush out of the blush taste is light, not easy to make a mistake.If you are a blusher driver, you can choose brushes with different grip forces depending on how hard the blusher is pressed.If the blush is pressed in a solid, neutral shade, a thicker brush will do the trick.If your blusher is the kind of high-quality blush that gets old easily, try to choose one that waves the brush without taking away a cheekbrush, which will reduce the risk of heavy hands and a red butt.

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