Beauty Blender Blending Sponge

- Jul 09, 2019-

Beauty blender blending sponge

For a makeup puff, use a blister puff to make it completely soaked and soft. Then squeeze out the water. After squeezing moisture, or can maintain a moist feeling, this time with powder puff to powder, skin better absorption, and moist and fit.

Use powdery puff to go up pink, can choose a point, it is to use finger tip and powdery puff next point goes up to skin, will press powdery bottom to skin by dot. And then you can choose the pressure. Time grows a few more, can press with powdery puff, bigger area, time is a bit longer. The third method is rolling, mixing point and pressure to roll powder.

After using a powder puff, use a mild hand sanitizer, or a makeup remover, and then use a blister. Waiting for next time.

Use method of wet powder puff:

It's also called a sponge puff

Color makeup function -- used for daub foundation, can make foundation is besmeared evenly on the face each detail place.

Type - there are circle, diamond, triangle and rectangle in the market.

A round powder puff -- large area, good feel, suitable for playing large areas, such as the whole face, body powder. Especially suitable for beginners, but also studio makeup artist's essential products.

B diamond, triangle powder puff - small size, small contact area with the skin, some small areas, such as the nose profile, t-shape, chin. Easy to carry, especially suitable for location shooting makeup and bridal makeup with makeup service. But the area is small, bottom time is long, and not easy take hold, have certain requirement to gimmick, suit to have experienced makeup artist.

Use tips - every time you make up, you should use a clean powder puff, so as to ensure that the makeup is fit, durable and clean.

Use skill -- before using a clean new powder puff, you should soak the powder puff for a period of time and take it out again. Squeeze and wring it out repeatedly with a dry towel to maintain the moisture of the powder puff. Powder puff is more wet to play the foundation tight, paste, through.

Cleaning tips - a sponge can be divided into four parts: the left side of the surface, the right side of the surface, the left side of the inside, and the right side of the inside. When sponge is in use, because absorbed the moisture in pink bottom and become moist, cause bacterium easily in great quantities to multiply, it is very necessary to clean meticulously so, can ensure the safety and health of skin.

Maintain a method -- best every time clean powdery puff hind can put it in ventilated place, let its natural air dry, cannot be exposed directly in the sun below insolate.

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