Blending Brush

- Jun 24, 2019-

How to choose makeup brush

1. It is best to choose the natural brush, because the natural brush texture is soft and natural, elastic, and skin contact feel very comfortable, and easy to stick to powder particles, natural coloring. And synthetic brush is slippery, but act the role ofing powder is not easy to brush even.

2. The bristles should be soft and smooth, compact and full in structure, and the bristles are not easy to fall off, so the handle is convenient to use.

3. Feel the elasticity of a natural brush with your hands, or press the brush directly onto the table. Ideally, the bristles will be circular and notched.

4. How to distinguish the true and false bristles: use hot air to blow the bristles and keep them in their original state as animal hair.

How to clean a makeup brush

Brush off the forked bristles, apply proper amount of professional cleaning water to the cotton pad, and dip the gel into the bristles with the bristles repeatedly so as to completely soak the bristles. Run your fingers through the bristles in the order from root to peak. Remove the gel and set the hair. Place the brush in the shade and dry it.

How to store makeup brushes

Generic brands will be equipped with corresponding cosmetic bag, small cosmetic bag is suitable for the small brush brush or travel, large deposit is suitable for professional makeup brush, at that time don't brush it is best to put on the head in the cylinder is makeup. Long-handled brush works, but inconvenient to carry, so should be according to the size of the cosmetic bag for a short of some big brush.