Blooming Angled Blush Brush

- Jul 03, 2019-

A Blooming Angled Blush Brush is a flat brush that is slightly smaller than a honey brush and has a semicircle at the top, but my brush is a Blooming Angled Blush Brush.

A good Blooming Angled Blush can make rouge sweep easily and naturally.

Dip the brush into the blush powder, shake off the excess powder dust and then makeup, color is not enough to slowly fill up.Can be used as honey paint or paint.

Brush by brush handle, metal joint handle and brush three parts.Brush handle has the cent of long handle and short handle, can choose brush handle length according to different make up habit of everybody, use handy and comfortable can;Metal joint handle mainly for the joint brush handle and bristle function, in the cleaning, should not be vigorously pulled and long soak water, so as to avoid the service life of the brush shortened;Bristles are the most important part of the brush, which can be generally divided into natural animal hair and synthetic hair.Synthetic wool is harder but more elastic.Depending on the different functions of the brush to choose the appropriate bristle material, blush brush need thick and light, choose the most appropriate animal bristle brush, brush hair to large and soft, well made.

Here's what you should do before applying blush:

1. Adjust the amount of Blooming Angled Blush stained with blush, vertically swing on the tissue paper, or with the brush front, gently meet the paper, let the residual powder fall off.

2. Hold the brush in the same way as you would a pencil, giving you better control of the force and direction of the Blooming Angled Blush.

Blooming Angled Blush steps:

Step1 gently apply blush cream to the laughing muscles.

Step2 evenly push away from the oblique posterior direction of the laughing muscle with diamond-shaped sponge and avoid around the eyes.

Step3 dip blush powder on the blush brush, pull it from the laughing muscle to the hairline, and then gently brush 3 times after going to the hair