Blooming Blush Brush

- Jul 03, 2019-

What color does not have on a lot of people face, this time the effect of cheek is red came out, it can make your facial more ruddy, this face is vitality, see the use method that blooming-blush-brush below.

1. The blush on the apple is young, cute and vibrant.

method: for a full apple, the best tool is a round blooming-blush-brush.Choose an oversized blooming-blush-brush and circle the top of the apple from the inside out.To further highlight the full apple muscle, use a brush to dip in a small amount of high-gloss products, in the laughing muscles to sweep a few times, can have an obvious effect.
2. Apply blush along your cheekbones in the direction of your temples
method: use make up brush from zygomatic edge the direction that goes to temple is brushed, go to zygomatic place from ear place next answer is brushed, the position when answer is brushed should be compared before slightly a bit lower, the width of whole cheek is red can a bit wider, can reflect self-confidence, mature, sedate feeling so.
3. Apply blush on the lower part of your cheekbones to create a three-dimensional face shape with a flattering effect
method: dip your finger in the cream and dab it along the lower cheek bones.
4. Apply blush to the area below the silkworm to create a cute look and age reduction effect

method: apply the blush directly under the horizontal silkworm, around the eye, and extend it to the temple.Pay attention to the amount of blush.

What to look out for when using a blooming-blush-brush

The narrower the area of blush, the thinner your face will look.Blusher elongates your face and makes you look like a heart.

Color selection is a technique: before choosing a blush, try the color on the back of your hand.Be sure to try first to see if the effect is good, if you apply it directly to your face, but the effect is not good, you want to regret too late.