Blooming Brush

- Jul 04, 2019-

Makeup is very important, makeup tools are more important, good tools can make makeup more delicate and fit, maybe you and makeup artist between the distance only a brush so far.

Blooming Brush features: soft, solid, take powder power

Makeup brush category:

Powdery bottom is brushed pink bottom is brushed normally cent is tongue-shaped brush, flathead brush, Blooming Brush 3 kinds. 

Tongue brush suitable for collocation of thin texture of the liquid foundation, like barbecue besmear chicken wings as the daub, a few times.

Flap-head brush is suitable for matching thicker foundation of the quality of a material, more grasp powder, with points, poke technique a few times on makeup, can very good smooth pores.On this basis, flat brush derived a slightly curved bevel flat head, can take good care of the nose and other corners, hand grip posture is relatively smooth. 

Blooming Brush is suitable for matching thicker foundation.Using a circular motion can be a good way to press the foundation into the skin lines, creating a mist surface effect.Each type of brush should be different from person to person, no good or bad!

Blooming Brush is a very common kind of makeup brush, many people like to use Blooming Brush to powder, Blooming Brush is a very important presence in the makeup process, the selection and use of Blooming Brush is very critical, so how to clean Blooming Brush?
Artificial fiber: used with liquid and cream cosmetics.Such as foundation brush, eyeliner brush, etc.Having a wash.Wash with water + brush fluid to cooperate, brush what cooperate like powdery bottom is powdery bottom fluid, easy degenerate, had better be to clean everyday.
Matters needing attention
1. Air dry naturally, do not use a hair dryer or put it in the sun to dry, or it may damage the material;After washing, can also be reapplied with hair care milk soak, will make the bristles more soft.
2, may not be washed to the brush handle joint, the joint contact wooden handle, and difficult to dry, easy to loosen, brush bag mouth sticky and part should not be wet water!
3, be sure to follow the hair growth direction of the wash.Otherwise it will damage the hair.