Circle Makeup Brushes

- Aug 22, 2019-

The name of this make up is Circle Makeup Brushes, it is a set of 7 double head brush make up brush, among them 2 biggest brush are double head sponge brush, because they have one end is made of nylon wool, one end is made of pure sponge.Sponge makeup brush can be used as highlights, scattered paint can also be used to do powder puff.Both liquid and foundation can be used.

The other five makeup brushes are eye detail brush and facial detail brush.The main making materials of Circle Makeup Brushes are artificial fiber, sponge head and wooden handle.Makeup brush is designed with two heads, so it is more convenient to carry.

The preservation of the Circle Makeup Brushes: can be set at both ends of the makeup brush set and then save;When buying make up to brush commonly, can immediately be equipped with make up to brush special cover, basically be used to prevent the generation of the phenomenon such as furcation of make up to brush, so if it is double head make up to brush words can be on both sides to make up to brush special cover, place next make up box or be to make up inside bag.

All sorts of make up the use that brush is different, for instance: powdery bottom is brushed commonly use brush powdery bottom fluid and powdery bottom cream, note powdery bottom is brushed want daub is even, do not want thin thick differ.Can also be in the brush after painting with wet sponge flapping over, will appear more natural.And loose brush is used set makeup, specific operation method is, dip in take a few loose powder, even undertake to the face set makeup, eliminate redundant loose powder.Nasal socket, canthus these are not easy to brush the place, can use the honey powder puff to carry on the meticulous fix makeup;But this set of Circle Makeup Brushes it a brush has two different USES, this is its most convenient place.