Classification And Use Of Makeup Brushes

- Sep 04, 2020-

Makeup brushes are basically divided into two types: eye brushes and face brushes

Facial brushes are roughly divided into:

Foundation brush, blush brush, loose powder brush, concealer brush

Eye brushes can be divided into: eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush

If you want perfect lip makeup

You can also add a lip brush~

1 blush brush

The blush brush is an indispensable tool for applying blush. Generally, it can be divided into two shapes, one is round, and is a cute blush used for natural makeup. The other is an oblique brush, used to create shadows and make the face more three-dimensional

2 Loose paint

Loose paint brushes are roughly divided into three types: round, cone and fan

If it is only used for loose powder, use a larger round loose powder brush. This type of brush has a richer bristles and a larger amount of powder. The makeup will be faster and more docile. If you use highlights to modify your face If so, I suggest that you can choose a tapered brush. It is relatively small and easy to control, while the fan brush is used to remove excess loose powder on the face. It can keep the face fresh and clean.

3 Concealer brush

Concealer brushes are generally made of very fine man-made fibers. There are two types of slender and flat brush heads. They can accurately brush to some general facial brushes, and can not brush more delicate parts.

Effectively cover dark circles and blemishes, making the concealment effect more even and natural

4 Foundation brush

The foundation brush is the same as the concealer brush. Both are made of very fine man-made fibers. The brush head is flat and stronger than natural bristles and has a better stickiness. The makeup on the foundation will be more compliant than the makeup with the fingers.

1 eye shadow brush

When painting eyeshadow, I suggest you start with 3 eyeshadow brushes

A larger eyelid brush is used for the base color of the eyeshadow, a medium one can

Shape the eye sockets and highlight the brow bone

A cone-shaped eyeshadow brush

The tapered eye shadow brush is a very important one in the eye shadow brush. It can be used to blend the eye shadow, so that the eye shadow does not have obvious transitions or boundaries, and the eye makeup looks softer.


The eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush are also very important tools when shaping the eyebrows and eyeliner when applying eye makeup.

2 Eyeliner brush

There are two types of eyeliner brushes: tapered round head and oblique angle

Both can be used to make eyeliner easily. The oblique eyeliner brush can also be used to draw the eyebrows. The oblique eyeliner brush is easier to apply eyeliner, while the tapered eyeliner brush is used to apply powder. Eyeliner will work better

3 lip brush

Use a lip brush to accurately outline the lip shape, make the color of the lips look even and full, and the coloring time will be longer.

I told you so many different makeup brushes

Does everyone understand? Don't just use your fingers to apply makeup next time you make up~