Clear Makeup Brushes

- Jun 27, 2019-

May have many beautiful eyebrow to be able to have error area, feel only professional makeup artist just uses Clear Makeup Brushes.

Nowadays, along with the advance of colour makeup technology, make-up products constantly updated, brush style and function upgrade, now foundation, main adopted is also one of the most popular is the flat brush, can play farinaceous pink bottom, also can beat cream foundation, technique is no longer use the brush to brush the side, but use the technique of brush head horizontal pushing, the part of using a flat brush head, maofeng tea soft delicate, natural symmetry hit powdery bottom, now is this one of the most popular.Of course, the business has been bringing forth the new, new flat end bevel brush, also in production, will be more to the force.

Introduce the production process of Clear Makeup Brushes

(1) combing.This is preparatory work.No matter low grade, middle grade or high grade wool, all need to comb and pack, so eliminate the coarse and the essence, remove some short wool, lay a good foundation for the next process.

(2) inserted hair/pier cup.Single and double drawn wool are used for shearing.No peaks.Most of the hair is made from cup studs.Pure manual labor, the quality of pier cup itself and pier cup master's technology, directly determines the shape of hair.

(3) pressure tube.This process is limited to flattened hair.A straight line does not require this process.

(4) dropping glue.To hold the hair in place and prevent shedding.This process is also a key part of the glue, glue, easy to lose hair;Glue much, easy to leak glue, that is, defective.Virtually increased unit cost.

(5) trim the wool.If the pier cup is the basis for determining the shape of the hair, then shaving is the final key stroke.Production of high-grade brush process, pier cup shaving is a system, the two are unified.

(6) fitting.The finished hair is fitted with the required handle.Packing should be tight and seamless.This is the standard of high quality.

(7) cleanliness.Before packing, wear white cotton gloves to polish and clean the whole brush.

(8) packing.Put into PP bag or cosmetic bag.