Clear Silicone Sponge

- Jul 03, 2019-

Clear silicone sponge

Silicone sponge to tear off the film

------NO!!! Can't!

Recently, many beauty experts began to recommend using silica gel powder puff. Compared with traditional powder puff, silica gel powder puff does not eat powder, and the effect of makeup is more suitable for the skin. But the silica gel powder puff has a layer of film, when you use it or not to tear it off? The silica gel powder puff is made of completely transparent liquid silica gel as raw material. Through the dispensing machine, the gel is dropped into the mold, heated to 80 degrees or so, and solidified for 3-5 minutes. The surface of the product will be covered with a thin TPU film.

Therefore, when using it, the film on the surface should never be torn off or broken, otherwise the surface of the product will be very sticky, and the product will be scrapped!

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