Concealer Brush

- Jun 25, 2019-

How to use the concealer brush:

Dip an appropriate amount of cosmetics with the brush (concealer foundation liquid, etc.), and then at the edge of concealer, lighten the boundary with smudges, and remember to use a small amount for several times.

Apply concealer with your hand or brush:

1. The advantage of using the concealer on the hand is that with the help of the temperature of the hand, the concealer fits the face more easily, making the makeup feel natural and not easy to take off. The disadvantage is that some minor blemishes are not so well covered, and acne is prone to infection if covered by hand.

2. The advantage of applying concealer with a brush is that it perfectly conceals the redness of the nose and dark corners of the corners of the mouth to hide acne from infection. But the disadvantage is easy to leave brush marks. Small make up suggest that you can choose to use the hand concealer or brush concealer according to the blemish on the face. For a concealer with dark circles, cover it with a concealer brush first, then gently press the concealer with your fingertips. This will perfect the concealer and natural.

Now you know how to use the concealer brush.