Details Of Bamboo Makeup Remover

- Jul 19, 2019-

Bamboo fiber is the high quality natural bamboo as raw materials, bamboo cellulose extracted, and then through the rubber making, spinning and other processes to produce regenerated cellulose fiber.Bamboo fiber textile products cover bamboo fiber towel bath towel, bamboo fiber bed products, bamboo fiber socks, bamboo fiber clothing, Bamboo Makeup Remover and other aspects of people's intimate life.

Its health characteristics and skin-friendly characteristics not only improve people's life taste and quality, but also change the competitive pattern of related industries.Bamboo fiber in the manufacturing process does not contain any chemical additives, is a real sense of green environmental protection fiber.And has natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, anti mite, anti odor and anti uv effect, with good air permeability, water absorption, good dyeing and other excellent characteristics, thus in the beauty class Bamboo Makeup Remover also has a place.

Bamboo fiber products such as towels, bathrobes, socks, t-shirts, bedding and Bamboo Makeup Remover have become a new favorite in the textile market.Bamboo fiber products are in line with high technology, high added value, fashion, not only has a high technical content, with many other products can not match the function.Through the promotion of bamboo fiber in China in recent years, people have been more familiar with bamboo fiber.

What benefits does Bamboo Makeup Remover have?

1, soft and warm.Bamboo Makeup Remover feels soft, strong toughness and wear resistance, soft and smooth without sticking.

2, moisture absorption.Can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water, the height of the natural cross section of hollow, so that experts in the industry called Bamboo Makeup Remover "breathing" fiber.

3, antibacterial.Bamboo Makeup Remover has antibacterial and antibacterial characteristics, antibacterial rate up to 94.5%, which is incomparable with other textile materials.

4. Go green.Bamboo Makeup Remover is a green material extracted from raw bamboo, which is degradable and uv resistant.