Did You Do The Right Cleaning And Maintenance For The Makeup Brush?

- Apr 20, 2019-

Makeup brushes are absolutely good assistants for every MM makeup, but make-up brushes will be contaminated with dust and bacteria after long use. We must clean and maintain the make-up brushes well, so that they become our right and left hand makeup. If you want the perfect makeup, you must learn how to clean and maintain the brush, and how to stay at home can also easily learn to clean the brush. Xiaoxi teaches you the cleaning and maintenance procedures of cosmetic brushes, cleaning cosmetic brushes from time to time to keep them clean and hygienic, so as to ensure that our cosmetic dressing and skin problems.

Makeup brushes

Cleaning method of cosmetic brush:

1. Use makeup remover or brush cleanser to pour into the honey powder cover, about a thin layer of completely covered ingredients, so that the brush hair can be absorbed, slightly dissolve the attached cosmetics.

Makeup brushes

2. Pour natural ingredient shampoo into a basin and mix it with foam. Then mix the brush with foam water.

3. Hold the brush in the palm of your hand, grasp and release it repeatedly, so that the residual dirt and makeup in the brush can be cleaned up completely.

4. At the end of the brush, it is also the most frequently exposed part of the cosmetics. Clean it carefully again.

Makeup brushes

5. Finally, clean the brush with a large amount of clean water, and use a clean basin to completely clean up the residual detergent in the brush.

6. If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, a small amount of hair conditioner can be used to straighten out the hair tail slightly, and the same should be done with a large amount of clean water.

Makeup brushes

7. Take a few paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, cover the brush and press several times to make the water as dry as possible, then put it flat in the ventilation area to dry in the shade.

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