Difference Between Latex And Latex Free Makeup Sponge

- Mar 28, 2019-

1. Compared with latex powder puff, hydrophilic polyurethane makeup powder puff with vitamin E has the following advantages: no latex. Latex is a mineral in rubber that is generally harmful to humans, and non-latex powders do not have any negative effects on humans.

Contain vitamin E, vitamin E is a kind of nutrient that human body needs, can have hairdressing effect after skin is absorbed. The latex will fall off when it comes to oily cosmetics.

3. No chip dropping. Generally speaking, latex powder puff will chip off during use.

4. Boring. The powder puff will have a latex smell, and the latex smell will remain on the face.

5. Environmental protection. If left in the ground for a long time, it will turn to clay.

6. Fine density. The size of the hole in the latex product varies.

7. Good oil control, can dress the skin without damaging the outer protective oil film, so you can use it safely and healthily;

8. If the product is cleaned well, the hole will become larger in the cleaning process. Clean the dirty things and return to the original condition after drying.

9. Skin-friendly, hydrophilic material makes it suitable for anyone's skin and won't cause allergy after use;