Do You Know All Kinds Of Eyebrow Brush

- Jul 15, 2019-

Eyebrow Brush is a cosmetic tool that can repair eyebrows.It has a variety of brush heads, a variety of shapes, different brush heads can be used for different purposes.

Type of Eyebrow Brush:

According to the brush head shape is divided into 1. Toothbrush shape 2. Spiral shape 3. Bevel shape.

According to the hair quality can be divided into 1. Hard eyebrow brush 2. Soft Eyebrow Brush.

Their respective purposes:

1, bevel eyebrow brush: can draw fine eyebrow shape, into hard eyebrow brush and soft eyebrow brush two kinds.Soft eyebrow brush is used to dip the eyebrow makeup of powdery shape, can also be used to draw eyeliner after spraying wet bristles.Hard eyebrow brush is used to dip waxy eyebrow makeup, eyebrow color is clear and natural.

2, spiral eyebrow brush: spiral eyebrow brush has two functions, one is to brush off the excess eyebrow powder on the eyebrows, the other is to brush off the clumps on the eyelashes.

3, dual-purpose eyebrow brush: dual-purpose eyebrow brush is composed of a row of toothbrush type eyebrow brush and eyelash comb two parts, eyebrow brush is generally made of synthetic fiber, high-grade bristle or high-quality stone badger hair, soft and hard bristle moderate, easy to take care of eyebrows to form, avoid eyebrows scattered, suitable for natural eyebrow shape.

4, hard Eyebrow Brush: can straighten the trend of eyebrows, make messy growth of eyebrows fit smoothly.Technique from brow to eyebrow tail upward horizontal comb.

5.Soft Eyebrow Brush is used commonly dip take eyebrow pink to use, also can sweep off redundant eyebrow pink, make eyebrow color dizzy catch nature.