Do You Know The Powder Puff ?

- Mar 22, 2019-

The puff is one of the make-up tools. The general powder and the powder-cake box contain puff, mostly of cotton and velour material, used to dip the foundation and make up the makeup. According to the different types of thepowder puff, the sponge powder puff is more suitable for the use of wet water, so that the liquid powder bottom is conveniently and uniformly pushed away; and the triangular shape is convenient to apply the positions of the eye angle and the nose wing and the like. The dry and wet dual-purpose powder puff is generally circular or rectangular, and the dry and wet dual-purpose powder cake can be applied to the face whether or not it is wet or not. Whether the sponge powder or the dry-wet dual-purpose powder puff is selected or is good in softness.