Do You Know Tweezerman Metal Eyelash Curler

- Aug 13, 2019-

  Do you know Tweezerman metal eyelash curler 

Eyelash clip is a kind of can make eyelash is bent on become warped, the eyelash that your besmear has mascara looks already long become warped make up tool, the circular arc of clip seam and the appearance photograph of eyelid are consistent.

The beauty of unadorned eyelashes is by nature imperceptible. In ancient poetry, there are many sentences describing female beauty, such as "qing hui jade arm cold", "qiaqixi, beautiful vision", "small hand" and so on are familiar reading, but write eyelashes almost no. Eyelashes have long been overlooked. Yet the more subtle the beauty, the more striking it is. The invention of eyelash curlers, mascara and false eyelashes has thus created a new realm of beauty.

If the eyes are the Windows to the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains on the window. In the past, many people ignored the importance of eyelashes, but as everyone's makeup awareness and skills are increasingly high, eyelashes have become an indispensable part of makeup. According to figure statistic, if let a female choose a part to undertake decorating, the number that chooses eyelash exceeded to be in all the time gradually the number of the choice powdery bottom of the first place, visible, the weight of eyelash is so big.

Use eyelash clip to roll press eyelash, can make eyelash become warped establish edge of eyelid of prep above, enlarge the radian of eyelid, make the eye gets the light illuminate more. The reflected light is contrasted with the black eyes and flashes bright to make the eyes more vivid.

(1) eyes look down, confirm the eyelash root position. Then slightly open your eyes and raise your eyebrows to your forehead with your left hand. Put the eyelash curler close to the eye, gently clamp the eyelash, if you do not feel pain, you can start to clamp the eyelash;

(2) with the thumb to push eyelash curler gently clamp eyelashes, to be fixed, and roll out a radian. Note that if the curler deviates from the center line, it will be difficult to create a beautiful eyelash curve.

(3) generally speaking, the lower eyelashes are shorter, not easy to be pinched curling warped, you can use some local curling warped eyelash device, in the curling warped at the same time, make the eyes open to the ideal state;

(4) eyelash curling and pinching, combing and hot brush three ways, manual to clip and take, the intensity must be appropriate, it is recommended to use plastic eyelash clip for the best, electric combing and hot brush, using the comb must choose more clear teeth, hot brush must ensure that the eyes are not hurt.

When eyelashes are too thin, they can easily be pinched, so be careful not to use too much force when curling up from the root. Check that the rubber pad on the eyelash curler is replaced promptly. If the rubber pad is worn, dented or cracked, the eyelash may be broken during the curling process.