Electric Pedicure Tools

- Jun 26, 2019-

Electric Pedicure Tools

The invention relates to an electric manicuring device, which relates to a cosmetic appliance for trimming a nail, wherein a battery, a motor and a transmission mechanism and a shearing mechanism which are driven by a motor are arranged in the cavity formed by the front shell, the back shell and the battery cover, the shearing mechanism consists of a hob shell with a top opening and a hob which is tightly arranged in the hob shell, and a shearing cutting edge is formed; the design adopts a cylindrical gear which can meet the transmission moment requirement to replace the bevel gear, so that the manufacturing process is simplified, the cost is reduced, So that the influence of the processing error of the part on the cutting quality and the effect is avoided, the shearing effect is good, and the nail beautifying device can be carried with a simple, practical and high efficiency.

Electric Pedicure Tools

The use of the electric pedicure tools  is as follows: 

1. Preliminary grinding: after we have just cut our nails, the edges of our nails are often rough and sharp. At this time, we can first use the grinding head of the Kinton electric manicure device to polish the edge of the nails for a preliminary grinding in order to make the edges of the nails smooth and Radian.

2.Removal of dead skin: removing dead skin around nails by removing dead skin is the second step in using electric pedicure tools . We can install the dead skin head, then move slowly along the cuticular layer around the nails, and gradually clean the cutin.

3. Nail surface treatment: now it is necessary to use the electric pedicure tools to wear the Jinton manicure head: after the grinding head is installed, the lines of the nail surface are polished and smooth one by one, the radians of the nail surface are corrected and a preliminary polishing of the nail surface is carried out.

4.  electric pedicure tools-Polishing: after completing the above three steps, we can use the polishing head to polish the nails carefully. It is recommended that you put the polishing head horizontally and use the large area angle of the polishing head to polish repeatedly from one side of the nail to the other side, usually 3 times back and forth, and the obvious polishing effect can be obtained 4 times.