Eyelash Curler

- Jun 26, 2019-

Eyelash Curler look like some kind of surgical instrument, and are also one of the most risky cosmetic tools (easy to clip on the eyelid or pull painful eyelashes).So the first time a woman USES it, the timid one will have some fear.But few can resist the lure of instant beauty.

Archery steel material Eyelash Curler intensity is larger, gently clip can make eyelash nature rolls become warped, but cannot fold collect, suit hair harder, like eyelash to roll obviously become warped crowd is used.

Maintain a method: Eyelash Curler besides should pay attention to cleanness, the elastic and soft rubber inside Eyelash Curler also should pay attention to whether should replace, Eyelash Curler cannot clip eyelash sometimes roll become warped like peacock screen even, because play the flexibility fatigue of glue strip actually or already burst apart, can improve after changing normally!Also, putting too much pressure on your eyelashes can affect the life of your rubber pad, so be gentle!

Tips: 1. Look down at the root of the eyelashes.Then keep your eyes slightly open and lift your eyebrows up to your forehead so you can quickly clamp the base of your eyelashes.Open the Eyelash Curler, close the clip to the eye, gently clamp the eyelash, if you do not feel pain, start to fix the eyelash modeling.

2. Push the eyelash curler with your thumb to gently clamp the eyelash, fix it, and curl it into a radian.Note that if the curler deviates from the center line, it will be difficult to create a beautiful eyelash curve, so keep the curler in place and don't change it at will.